About Me

Hi friends! My name is Lauren or Lo for short, and I’m head over heels in love with balance.

I am an incoming first year medical school for the 2018 academic year. I recently spent my gap year solo backpacking throughout Europe and Asia after completing my Masters degree in Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health at the University of Bristol. I graduated from the University of Michigan (go blue!) in 2016 where I majored in Kinesiology (similar to exercise science) and minored in Sustainable Food Systems.

I am a firm believer that health is not a quick fix. It’s not a 5-day detox to look skinny for spring break. It’s not eating avocado toast and drinking a kale smoothie for breakfast because it’s trendy. It’s not exercising because you have to. And it’s certainly not religiously counting calories and never missing a workout. Health is balance.

To me, balance means nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods. I am a massive advocate for a whole foods diet, meaning eating real food instead of relying on processed and packaged foods. That being said, I also believe that balance means eating that pizza if you want it and knowing that it doesn’t have to be your birthday to enjoy a slice of cake. Balance means listening to our bodies because I truly believe that cravings are a sign from our bodies that we are missing something and need what we are craving.

Balance is moving our bodies in ways in which we love, to strengthen ourselves both physically and mentally. Whether that be practicing yoga, spinning, running, walking, weightlifting, dancing, or absolutely anything else. Balance is finding the exercise that makes our hearts smile and moving our bodies because we want to, not because we have to. Balance is also honoring our bodies when we need rest and knowing that a day off or a break from routine is not catastrophic.

While I believe that food is our medicine and our exercise regime is our prescription, rest, recovery and soul food are important too. Health is multifaceted and I endeavor to share my love for all dimensions of health with you on here.

I hope that my recipes, thoughts on full-body health + wellness, and travel adventures will inspire you to fuel your body and fuel your mind, because health is the pursuit of our minds, ours bodies and our souls.


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