Luxembourg City Travel Guide

I only spent one full day in Luxembourg City in route to Brussels from Munich. It’s a beautiful city in a tiny but lovely country. While I visited in the winter and just had time for the City of Luxembourg, a visit during the summer would be ideal for exploring the very green country in it’s entirety.

Why Luxembourg City? For a little city, Luxembourg certainly has a lot of history. It’s a gorgeous city where you could simply just spend they day walking around aimlessly and still not get bored.

Don’t Miss:

  • Chemin de la Corniche: This pedestrian promenade offers gorgeous views of the city. Definitely don’t miss this!
  • Luxembourg City History Museum: This museum gives an excellent history of the City of Luxembourg.
  • Bock: The Bock is a promontory surrounding the River Alzette in Luxembourg City’s old historical district.
  • Neumünster Abbey: This public square is wonderful to walk around.
  • Grand Ducal Palace: You can take guided tours during the summertime or just admire from the outside.



  • Rawdish: For a healthy and organic breakfast or lunch served by the sweetest staff. There are many takeaway options available as well!
  • Tattie’s: For HUGE, gourmet stuffed potatoes.


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