Northern Lights Chasing Recap (Abisko National Park, Swedish Lapland)

Highlights from 5 days in Abisko in the Swedish Lapland


  • Reindeer! It’s a Nordic speciality. When I visited the Sámi people (more details below…), they served me their traditional dried + salted reindeer in a flatbread with lingonberry jam

Dried + salted reindeer at the Sámi Camp

Don’t miss:

  • THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! That’s what you go to Abisko for after all 😉 On one of my nights I booked an aurora photography tour with Lights Over Lapland, which I would highly recommend. They go out of their way to help you with your camera settings to get the best photos of the lights and they take you to the spots that the think you’ll see the best aurora. TIP: book your photo tour for one of the first nights of your trip so that you understand how to set-up your camera to take more aurora photos for the remaining nights of your stay!
  • Go for a walk! Abisko National Park is beautiful- take a hike on any of the many, many trails
  • Get up close and personal with reindeer and learn about the Sámi people (the indigenous people of the arctic area of Sápmi). I took this tour with Visit Abisko and it was without a doubt the highlight of my time in Lapland


  • I stayed in the hostel portion of and found it to be super cozy and had a very social atmosphere

2 thoughts on “Northern Lights Chasing Recap (Abisko National Park, Swedish Lapland)

  1. Sabrina Patricia December 8, 2017 — 6:17 am

    Oh my goooood. That is my 2018 goal! Sounds and looks just so amazing! Thanks for sharing – now its again on the veeery top of my 2018 places to go list! ❤


    1. AH you have to go! It’s been one of my favorite destinations so far!


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