Slovenia Travel Guide

Highlights from 10 days in Slovenia visiting Bled, Bovec, Ljubljana, Piran & Maribor



  • Public Bar & Vegan Kitchen for delicious plant-based burgers
  • Fresh fish & seafood from one of the many lakeside restaurants
  • The famous Bled Cream Cake* (disclaimer I actually never got a chance to try it 😦 )

Don’t Miss:

  • Take a walk around Lake Bled. Better yet- hike up to one of the view points for sunrise! I highly recommend a morning run around the lake as well
  • Spend your morning walking through Vintgar Gorge (tip: beat the crowd and head over before 10 AM). Vintgar Gorge is just outside of Bled and is a gorgeous 1.6 km walk along the Radovna River
  • Head over to Lake Bohinj and hit the trails. Lake Bohinj is a gorgeous lake (the largest lake in Slovenia BTW) in Triglav National Park and only about a 40-minute bus ride from Bled. There’s a ton of great hikes that start in this area. I did part of the Triglev Lakes Valley hike/Seven Lake Valley hike- a beautiful and tough hike. If you want to see all seven lakes and reach the summit (2,398 m / 7,867 ft), I highly recommend (and turns out so do most hiking websites… oops) you consider making it a 2-day hike and sleeping in one of the huts along the way. Otherwise, catch the earliest bus (~6AM) or drive there, as this entire hike is supposed to take 12+ hours
  • Or keep it simple and just walk around the beautiful Lake Bohinj 🙂


  • I stayed at Castle Hostel 1004. It’s in a great location, very social atmosphere, helpful staff and very clean!



Don’t Miss:

  • Recover your legs with an easy walk and visit the Virje and Boka waterfalls
  • Hike up Mount Svinjak, a 1,653 m (5,423 ft) mountain in the Julian Alps that offers GORGEOUS views of Bovec. The total hike takes about 5-hours and is rated ‘medium-hard’. The trail is very well marked- I did it solo and thought it was very safe and straight-forward (didn’t get lost once and I have zero sense of direction 😉 )
  • Hike up to Mt. Čukla, a gorgeous peak at 1,756 m (5,761 ft). If you have more time (unfortunately, I had to catch the evening bus to Ljubljana) continue on to Rombon! There’s a few different areas that you can start the hike from and all vary in difficulty. I ascended via the South-West route (rated as ‘demanding’) and descended via the South-East route (I can’t find the rating online but in my opinion it was a walk in the park 😉 ). Roundtrip Čukla took about 6-hours and the trails were not well-marked. However, this trail is more scenic in my opinion than Svinjak (although both offer beautiful views from the peaks)


  • I stayed at Hostel Soča Rocks and again thought the location was great and facilities were very clean




  • Organic Garden for some (mostly) plant-based burgers, pre-made sandwiches + salads, and tasty vegan baked goods
  • Zmajček Flo for creative dishes (pizza on spelt crust & hemp crust!) for breakfast or lunch

  • Head to any of Ljubljana’s riverside restaurants for fresh seafood + fish or a Slovenian meat dishes (sorry I don’t like red meat so I can’t advise you on which dishes to try :/ )
  • Grab a cup of coffee or tea at one of the many adorable cafes covering the city

Don’t Miss:

  • Start your morning with the Free Tour– I do these in most European cities I visit and this was one of the better ones I’ve done!
  • Head up to Ljubljana Castle for a gorgeous view of the city. Save your €€€ and skip the cable car- it’s only about a 10 minute walk up the hill
  • Take a walk in the beautiful, green & HUGE Tivoli Park (or go for a morning run!)
  • Admire the famous Dragon Bridge and the Triple Bridge
  • Check out the artsy Metelkova neighborhood
  • Take a day trip to Piran or Maribor…


  • I stayed at Zeppelin Hostel- again great location, helpful staff and cozy set-up




  • Gostilna Park for some of the best seafood I’ve ever had- try the grilled calamari + grilled vegetables
  • One of the many sea-side restaurants for some more incredible seafood
  • Gelato in the warm Slovenian sun

Don’t Miss:

  • Climb up the bell tower of the Church of St. George for spectacular views of the city
  • Walk through the Walls of Piran and admire this city from a different angle
  • Admire the beautiful Tartini Square
  • Go for a swim (if it’s warm enough 🙂 )
  • Take a walk along the Slovene Riviera

*In the off-season I think a day-trip is more than enough time to see Piran. Perhaps in the summer an overnight stay would be better suited



Don’t Miss:

  • Check out Castle Square (Grajski Trg), another gorgeous town center
  • Climb of Pyramid Hill for incredible views of Maribor and walk around Pyramid Park
  • Take a stroll along the gorgeous Drava River and check out The Maribor Water Tower on your walk
  • Visit the Old Vine to see the oldest grape vine in the world
  • Check out Lent, the oldest part of Maribor, which is where you’ll find the oldest vine in the world, the water tower, defense towers and the Jewish district (where you’l find the synagogue, Jewish Square and the Jewish Tower)

*I again felt that a day trip was plenty of time to see Maribor. If you want to check out the Pohorje, a nearby mountain range, allow for more time

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