Sweden Travel Guide

Highlights from a week in Stockholm and Gothenburg



Don’t Miss:

  • Fika: (preferably with a kanelbullar (cinnamon bun)); Fika is a basically a ‘coffee break’ in the middle of the day where Swedes meet for a coffee and snack
  • Gamla Stan: Stockholm’s old town; filled with cute shops, pretty architecture and don’t forget to catch the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace
  • Vasa Museum: displays the beautifully preserved Vasa ship, which sank on her maiden voyage in the 17th century
  • Skinnarviksberge: natural high point in central Stockholm; catch the sunset here, you won’t regret it
  • Södermalm: Stockholm’s ‘hipster’ neighborhood; cool shops and fun to walk around




  • Cafe Husaren for giant cinnamon buns
  • JOS for mind-blowing smoothie bowls and loaded breakfast plates
  • En Deli for a loaded brunch buffet

Don’t Miss:

  • Gothenburg Archipelago: one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been in my life
  • Skansen Kronan: fortress with gorgeous views of the city; check out during the day AND during sunset
  • Haga: Gothenburg’s old town; beautiful architecture, adorable cafes and cool shops
  • Universeum: science museum for your inner child/science nerd


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